SUSA has extensive expertise in tailoring training curricula and material to meet our client’s needs. As all SUSA consultants travel to the countries of implementation frequently and conduct trainings themselves, they understand the circumstances on the ground intimately. This allows them to design training material that meets local needs and has maximum impact. Topics range from soft skills like dialogue, communication and leadership; to topics like Occupational Health and Safety, fire safety, financial literacy, environmental management, wage calculation and payment, productivity, quality, working time, discrimination and harassment, child labour, and forced labour.

SUSA’s capacity-building approach does not only encompass workers and managers at production sites, but also trainers and consultants. We have conducted numerous Trainings of Trainers workshops in several countries, in which participants learn to conduct practical, interesting and interactive trainings to improve working conditions and mediate conflicts. SUSA also offers services to assess and improve existing training curricula. Our expertise is coalesced in the PROSPERe2e® Handbook. Licensed trainers can apply the approach independently while being able to resort to a trainer handbook which guides and offers flexibility for trainings at the same time.

Our services are:

  • Training of Trainers
  • Tailor-made trainings
  • Development of training materials and curricula