The HR Guideline for Ethiopian Industrial Park is published! 

Together with R&D Group, and commissioned by the Ethiopian Investment Commission and Enterprise Partners, we worked on a HR Guideline to help factories in Ethiopian industrial parks deal with their most pressing HR challenges effectively.

Most of these challenges are the natural consequence of a rapid introduction of manufacturing to a traditionally agricultural economy. The HR management practices of factories play a big role in facilitating this transition.

The HR Guidelines include legal requirements, international standards, instructions and recommendations developed for key areas of the HR function, including e.g.: 

  • Developing and enforcing of an HR manual that establishes a uniform system to manage all HR matters
  • Setting up a fair, transparent, ethical and effective recruitment and selection practice that allows to find and hire the best candidates aligned to production needs 
  • Developing effective, legitimate, transparent and safe grievance handling procedures, to address employee concerns before they lead to more serious employee relations issues


Through our intensive on-site experience in the ethiopian textile sector, the HR manual is hands-on and essential to ethiopian industrial organisations. The guideline is available at the Ethiopian Investment Commission website, as a guideline for current factories and future companies who want to start producing in Ethiopia.

Curious to read more?

To download the complete HR manual click here.