Workshops for Improved Facilitation Skills

For Myanmar the garment sector is very important as it contributes to the development of the country in numerous ways; yet it faces lots of challenges. Often conflicts emerge on the production floor that are caused by a lack of knowledge of the labour law, insufficient management skills, flawed processes, intercultural barriers and poor communication skills.

The strengthening of the garment sector is highly dependent on local facilitators, who are equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to support producers towards better compliance, improve industrial relations and to enhance the mutual understanding between workers and managers. Therefore, GIZ in cooperation with international fashion brands launched a series of workshops to create a strong network of facilitators who can support the garment industry on its way towards more sustainability in the years to come. The workshop series was implemented by Sustainability Agents SUSA GmbH and entailed two workshops:

The 2-days Basic Workshop covered introduction sessions about the garment industry and some soft skill sessions that are essential for facilitators (e.g. effective communication, self-leadership, group dynamics).

The 5-days Advanced Workshop covered a variety of tools and methodologies in detail (e.g. conflict resolution, intercultural communication, leadership and the SUSA-owned 7-Step dialogue methodology) and included as well in-depth sessions about the garment industry (e.g. productivity, OHS, environmental performance and workplace harassment).

Participants were highly engaged by practising the tools in an action learning format. In the middle of the advanced workshop a networking event was hosted to bring the workshop participants together with stakeholders working in the garment industry.

  • “Honestly, I’m not easily impressed, but I am inspired through this workshop. I received lots of constructive feedback that actually helps me to improve”
  • “Every day I learned more … I did not know how much skill I already have and I feel truly empowered”
  • The Workshop freshed my mind – I learned so much from everyone involved. I hope now we can create something positive for the industry”