SUSA provides innovative and needs-oriented solutions for our clients’ challenges.

With our agile and customer-oriented approach, we successfully implement projects with a pioneering spirit. We are passionate about generating impact in challenging environments. Our proven success with developing lighthouse projects rests on our ability to work under uncertain, volatile and complex conditions, and on our holistic approach, to support participation, ownership and action learning. As driving change is always connected to behaviour patterns, our approach put the human factor in the centre.

To develop services and products based on the needs of our customers we use the following methods:

  • Design Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Mediation
  • Nonviolent Communication

Dealing with change processes is complex and requires a multi-pronged approach. For this reason, all our projects incorporate elements of coaching, training and consulting. This enables us to modify our services to different situations and cultural contexts, for the greatest impact.


One of the methods that underlies our consulting, coaching and training services is PROSPERe2e®, developed by SUSA. This solution-finding methodology can help to identify a particular workplace problem, examine it critically, create a joint vision for the future, and address the problem in a structured way.

The PROSPERe2e® handbook serves as the basis for our dialogue trainings and business coaching. The handbook is a living document, improved continuously, based on best practices and our experiences in factories.