Since 2016, SUSA collaborates with Jangu e.V. in order to enable a good education for 11 children of the Miracle Orphans Care Foundation (MOCF) in Uganda by financing the school fees, school material, healthcare, excursions and nutritious food. In addition, SUSA works closely with Gloria Bengo, the founder of MOCF to further develop the foundation and supports her with collection of funds for the construction of a new orphanage for the children. 


Miracle Orphans Care Foundation (MOCF) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014. The foundation has various development programs to support and empower orphans, vulnerable children and school drop-out youths.

Jangu e.V. is a charitable non-profit organisation for development cooperation in Africa. Its objective is to give disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda prospects for their future through education. Its educational sponsorships lay the foundation while its Social Innovation Academy (SINA) unleashes the youth’ potential to start their own social enterprises and solve social challenges in Uganda. Scholars of the academy are between 17 and 27 years old and are refugees, orphans, street children, former child soldiers, former inmates, former prostitutes, or young people from other marginalised and poor backgrounds.